Use This Spreadsheet to Track Your Marketing Goals

by Paul Miller on July 19, 2016

marketingAs a small firm or solo practitioner it’s important to know if your marketing strategies are paying off, or if your marketing strategies are working as intended. It’s wise to track the progress of your marketing efforts to discover if the time and money you are investing is getting profitable results.

The Texas Bar Law Practice Management Program has a wonderful brochure, with some great ideas on how to track your marketing strategies. I’ve taken the matrix included in the brochure and created a spreadsheet for you to download and use. The marketing strategies populated in the spreadsheet are originally from the brochure. Almost all of activities listed are great ideas and you should keep them, however if they’re not an activity that you’ll engage in go ahead and delete those that are not appropriate. Your marketing strategies should focus on getting your name and practice out there, and how the services you offer will help future and potential clients. To customize the document to fit your practice, simply create new rows in the spreadsheet for your marketing strategies.

Every time you reach one of your marketing goals enter the day of the month in the corresponding monthly column.  After awhile you should see trends emerge.  Additionally, I put an asterisk in the cell if I retain a client directly or indirectly from one of these strategies. This way, I know if what I’m doing is working. I do this even if I don’t engage in the activity that particular month. From these trends, assess if your marketing tactics are giving you a return on your investment, are failures, or are not attempted or fulfilled.

Use this data to adjust your marketing plan and your business plan. Throw out what’s not working, keep what is, and try new strategies for continued growth. This will help you and your practice out in the long run; you won’t be wasting time and money on activities that are not profitable.

Marketing is essential component of your practice; strategies should implemented that will get your name out there, and educate the public about the services you offer. Keeping track of how you market your firm and using data to modifying these strategies will produce continued growth for your practice.

Download the Marketing Spreadsheet:
Law Office Marketing Strategies


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Paul Miller is a sole practitioner located in Denver whose primary focus is estate planning, small business, and non-profit organizations. He can be contacted at paul@pmillerlawoffice.com.


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