September’s Best of the Blogs

by Alexa Drago on September 28, 2016

We know you are busy! So we read through numerous blog posts and find the best ones to share with you each month.

Please let us know if you feel we are missing a particularly good one.

Quick Tips
Product Reviews


Recommended Hardware for Your Small Law Firm

Jane Oxley, Above the Law
Getting a new practice off the ground requires multiple purchases, from hardware (like computers and printers) to operational support (like billing systems and marketing tools). Through a series of posts, we’ll share some of Smokeball’s tips and tricks to help you narrow down the best options for your small law firm. Read more.

5 Essentials For Starting a Virtual Law Firm

Michael Miceli, Legal Productivity
The decision to go out on your own and start a solo or small practice isn’t an easy one. There are many costs associated with starting a law firm, and running a business takes a special skill set that wasn’t developed in law school. Lawyers face not only debt and expenses, but a very competitive job market. By going virtual, you’ll save on one of those major expenses right off the bat: rent. Read more.

App or Add-In? The New Question for Microsoft Office

Benjamin Whetsell, Legaltech News
In today’s technology-driven environment, the volume of software options available to lawyers might seem overwhelming and, while finding the latest products isn’t difficult, finding products that actually work is a different story altogether. Read more.



Using Social Media to Network

Melanie Fischer, Solo in Colo
Social media. You probably either love it or hate it. But regardless of your personal feelings about social media, it’s a fantastic tool that can be used to connect with prospective clients. Read more.

Best Practices for Attorneys on the Top 4 Social Networks

Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Blog
According to the ABA, 78 percent of attorneys are on several social networks. However, many are not using them correctly. Read more.

What Lawyers Need to Know About Social Media Before Going Solo

Podcast, Reboot Your Law Practice
New York Matrimonial Lawyer Joleena Louis wrote an ebook entitled “Things I Wish I Knew About Social Media Marketing before Going Solo.” Oscar and Scott discuss some of the advice. Read more and listen here.



Growing Your Practice: Business Development Strategies For Small Law Firms

Jane Oxley, Above the Law
Opening and growing a small law firm or solo practice can be a daunting task, especially in a marketplace filled with larger law firms that have greater capacity, connections, and capital. If you want your small law firm or solo practice to win the business development game, you must implement the best strategies. Read more.

Choosing a Remote Freelancer to Assist Your Solo Practice

Robin Bull, Lawyerist
Client intake. Marketing. Billing. Hiring. Supervising employees. Payroll. Legal research. Answering and returning phone calls from clients, the court, and opposing counsel. Analyzing facts provided by your clients. Drafting motions, pleadings, responses, and other documents. Appearing in court. That’s just a small portion of the tasks that solo lawyers are responsible for completing in the course of business. Read more.

Attention to Detail and Reaching our Destination

Drew Hefflefinger, Solo in Colo
Although not considered an error, (that would be too harsh) families often leave saving opportunities on the table which require more effort to reach their financial destinations. What I want to do is share some ideas that can help readers save towards big goals without having to give too much up in return. Read more.



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