How to Grow my Business and Not Lose my Mind—SMART Program, March 11

by Alexa Drago on February 28, 2014

On March 11th, the first SMART Program will be held at the CBA CLE offices. SMART (Solo Management Attorney Resource Team) will be a quarterly program geared toward experienced solo or small firm members who are looking for ways to improve their practice; specifically those who have been practicing for 6 months to one year. The program is meant to facilitate a dialogue among practitioners to discuss topics that affect attorneys in all practice areas.  This dialogue will allow each person to gain insight from others, find out more about what has worked and what hasn’t, and get tips from those who have experiences to share.

The March program will focus on “How to Grow my Business and Not Lose my Mind,” which is something I think we can all relate to. Be prepared to discuss your basic goals, ideas on how you might get there, what marketing could be used, how you might build a referral business, and when hiring contractors and/or employees would be helpful.

Click here to register for this event. Contact Catherine Brown for more information.

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