Complimentary Webinar—5 Ways to Increase Satisfaction in Your Law Practice

by Alexa Drago on March 25, 2015

Join “The Lawyer Coach” Debra Bruce tomorrow—Thursday, March 26 at noon—to learn how to increase satisfaction in your law practice.

There’s always room for improvement – sometimes we get stuck in our ways and it’s hard to see how to better our practice and ourselves. Introducing Debra Bruce, a.k.a the Lawyer Coach. Debra draws on her extensive legal experience and psychology degree to help lawyers improve their management skills, and achieve greater fulfillment in their practice.


  • What to start and stop doing everyday
  • What to cultivate in the people around you
  • Skills to enhance your powers of influence
  • How to take on the work that’s right for you

Click here for more information and to register.


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