Choosing Blog Topics for Your Law Firm’s Website

by Melanie Fischer on July 21, 2017

Has it been a while since you last updated your blog? Or, does your website contain a space for a blog, but you’ve neglected to update it on a regular basis? If so, now is a good time to think about adding a new post to your blog. It’s important to remember all the ways that a blog can be used to connect with current and prospective clients.

Many solo attorneys avoid regular blogging for a variety of common reasons:

  • A blog must be updated, and some don’t know how to log in to the administrative side of their website, upload content and images, and publish posts.
  • Writing a blog post takes time, and some attorneys are too busy to spend several hours refining an article – even if it will be just a few paragraphs in length.
  • Some attorneys do not believe that a blog is something that current or prospective clients will read or find helpful.
  • Writer’s block prevents some solo attorneys from finishing a blog post – even though the first few paragraphs may be relatively simple to write.
  • Coming up with topics for their blog seems like a burdensome task – which can lead to forgoing regular blog posts altogether.

Even though the abovementioned issues are potentially solvable, the last one on the list may be the most common. How can choosing topics for your blog be made easier?

When considering topics for the blog on your law firm’s website, think about the following:

What do you believe your current and prospective clients want to read? You want to make sure your blog is written in language your clients will easily understand (e.g. do not use excessive legalese in your writing), and make sure to cover a topic that you believe will be of interest to them.

Do countless people contact you for the answer to common questions? If so, compile those questions into a list. Then use the list as a guide for future blog post topics. Undoubtedly, a discussion about the topic of each question can be used to create several separate articles for your blog.

Are you personally interested in a certain topic and you want the public to know your opinion? It can be much easier to write a blog post that covers a subject that is of interest to you rather than a topic that you find boring or mundane. Use your blog to voice your opinion on a certain topic – or to compile the opinions of others on a particular subject matter.

People use the internet to find answers to their legal questions. While you might not be able to provide legal advice via your blog, you can use your blog to offer general information about a certain legal topic. If prospective clients find your blog to be useful and informative, they might contact you and eventually retain you as their attorney.

Don’t let difficulty with coming up with topics for your blog be a deterrent for keeping your blog updated with regular posts. Spending an hour or two brainstorming blog topic ideas should allow you to come up with a list that will provide you with enough topics to last several months or even a year. To make things easier, jot down your ideas as they come to mind throughout the day so you have an inventory of blog topics when you need it.


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