Casemaker Weekly – June 12th, 2019

by Alexa Drago on June 18, 2019

This week we will focus on a new aspect of the Casemaker4 system – The Search Bar Menu. Let’s get started!

When you click into the search bar to begin typing, you will notice a menu appears. Three different buttons are available, the first of which is your Recent Searches. Clicking on this will show you the last five searches you completed along with date and time stamps. Clicking any of these searches will perform them again for you. Don’t need those recent searches? Just click the Recent Searches button to close that option.

The next item in the Search Bar menu is Search Tips. Here you can see an example of the type of search that you can conduct, how we would type that into the system to utilize it, and a description of the results that would provide you with. A second click on the Search Tips button will close that information.

The last option in the Search Menu drop down is Advanced Search. This is the power search option of Casemaker4 and is very useful when you only have partial information about a particular document. Clicking this button will allow you to type in specific search information in a combination of your choosing, including keywords and search operators, citation, case name, docket number, court, attorney, judge, panel, and date range. Use as few or as many fields as you need.

As always, if you need help using the Casemaker4 system our Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 8 am EST to 8 pm EST.

You can email us at support@casemakerlegal.com, click on the LiveChat link in the system or call us at 877659.0801.

Casemaker has video and webinar training available. You can locate the Webinar and video links in the upper right of the Casemaker4 system. Watch the video or attend the webinar as often as you need.

That is all for this week! We will back with more tips and tricks next week. Thanks again for making Casemaker a Valued Member Benefit.

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