Bitlocker Drive Encryption — Read This!

by Affinity Consulting Group on July 12, 2018

By Affinity Consulting Group

With many new Windows 10 Pro laptops, the built-in Bitlocker drive encryption is turned on by default. You may not even be aware of this, but it can bite you in the butt if your computer needs service and you don’t know the decryption key. Please follow these steps to determine if you have Bitlocker turned on and, if so, how to obtain the decryption key so you can write it down and save it for possible future use.

To obtain the decryption key:

    1. Open control panel – hold down on the Windows logo key & hit R (this opens the Run dialog). Just type in Control Panel and click the OK button.

    2. Once in Control Panel, if you’re viewing the icons by category, click System and Security, then Bitlocker Drive Encryption. If you’re viewing control panel by large or small icons, just click on the Bitlocker Drive Encryption icon.
    3. The next screen will tell you if Bitlocker is turned on. If it is, no problem. It’s probably a good idea that your laptop is encrypted since it probably contains some client data. Simply click on Backup your recovery key:

4. Click Print the recovery key. Remember that saving it to a file on your computer won’t help you if the drive encrypts itself so save it to a flash drive or other external device if you choose Save to a file. If you click Save to your cloud domain account, it’ll save it automatically to your Windows account (if you have one – if you don’t have one and want one, go. If you save it to your Microsoft account, you can look it up any time by going here: https://account.microsoft.com/devices/recoverykey

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Bitlocker or encryption, please email us at info@affinityconsulting.com.



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