Your Attorney Bio: What to Say to Your Prospective Clients

by Barb Cashman on January 25, 2012

What do you say about yourself on your bio page and what do you leave out? That is a big question and is one which, thankfully, allows us to express our individuality.  What kind of clients you want to attract and how much you want to focus on the issue of trust is an important place to start.

Remember “The Trusted Advisor” by David Maister, Charles Green, and Robert Galford?  You get the idea. I liked Adrian Dayton’s JDSupra article about earning trust. Dayton considers the drone of the “Hey, look at me!” “Hey, pick me! Pick me!” as not so great ways to build relationships online, and basically suggests that promoting others to back down from the “me, me, me!” approach evident in so many social networking communications.  Remember what the goals of your website are, and make sure that your bio page reflects that.

Oh yeah, and speaking of accurate reflections, if you’re using a picture from 20 years ago, you might want to update that.

Another good JDSupra read is “Your Bio Is Not an Obituary!” The gist of this article is that you don’t need to tell everything about yourself – organize content so it’s readable, maybe with some bullets points, and has enough information so a potential client could think that you have the necessary skill set and will call you to take the next step.  Four take-away tips from this article are questions every attorney should ask her or himself when they update their bio:

  1. What work are you known for?
  2. What type of work do you want more of?
  3. Who is your target client?
  4. What sets you apart from the crowd?  (Read: Why should they hire YOU?)

Remember that highlighting your expertise is another method of saying that you can be trusted to be competent in your chosen field of practice.  What you say and how you say it are key, and remember, you call the shots.

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