Tips for Attracting the Right Type of Client

by Melanie Fischer on June 8, 2017

Can you describe your ideal clients? You know, the type of clients who show up for scheduled meetings on time and who willingly listen to (and follow) your advice? In every industry, there are ideal clients, and there are less-than-ideal clients. Your goal should be to find as many as possible of the right type – because it will make your job a whole lot easier and a whole lot more enjoyable.

No matter how much time you have available in your work week, it can be a mistake to agree to work with the wrong type of clients. Not only can less-than-ideal clients cause you to endure frustration and difficulty in achieving success, but this type of client can also cost you time, effort, and money.

It’s in everyone’s best interest for you to work with the right type of clients. So, how can you tell if clients are going to be ideal before you agree to work with them?

Here are a few good signs:

They show up for their initial meeting on time and with the documents they said they’d bring with them. Nothing says, “I don’t value you, your time, or your profession” more than not showing up for a scheduled in-person meeting or canceling a meeting two minutes before it’s supposed to start without a valid reason. Prospective clients who do this should be placed into the I’m not sure if these people will be ideal clients category.

They listen to you and understand that you are an attorney with knowledge and expertise. If you’ve ever dealt with clients who have done their own legal research on the internet and believe they know how their case should be handled (better than you) – and they insist that you follow their legal advice and direction (even though you know their internet-found legal knowledge is not necessarily correct) – then you already have a good idea about what it’s like to work with this type of less-than-ideal client.

They are articulate and seem to understand their situation from a legal perspective. Working with clients who either cannot or will not accept the facts of their circumstances can be extremely challenging. This type of client can require extra time (for which you might not be able to bill), and they may be dissatisfied with you and your service – no matter what you do for them.

Finding ideal clients is important to the success of your solo law practice. The best type of clients will allow you to provide them with the legal assistance that they need and that will make it possible for them to achieve the outcome they are seeking.

So, how do you attract the right type of clients? The first step is to figure out exactly who they are. Only then can you determine exactly how to attract them to your firm. Various targeted marketing tactics can be used to reach prospective ideal clients. Once your ideal clients know you’re willing and able to help them, and they realize you’re a good fit for their legal needs, they will eventually provide you with enough billable hours to fill your work week.



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