Tip of the Week from the LPM Department—Free Hiking and Walking Apps

by Alexa Drago on June 30, 2014

Time to take a break from the office and enjoy the weather! Summer is prime hiking season, and below are some apps that make it easier than ever to find great trails and help you keep track of hikes. If you’re not the hiking type, you can use a couple of these to simply keep track of a walk around the neighborhood!

Chimani—Free apps for national parks—iOS and Android
They have photos, auto touring maps, hiking trails, safety info, etc.
There’s a different one for each park.

MapMyHike GPS Hiking—iOS and Android
Includes elevation info, online journal hike, track distance hiked, calories burned and pace Upgrade to MVP by the month or year for more features. I recently used this, and was pleased that it had kept track of the location of the trailhead (which was in a neighborhood) so I could easily hike it again.

AllTrails Hiking and Mountain Biking—GPS and offline topo maps—iOS and Android
Associated with National Geographic—upgrade to Pro version for $14.99 a year and have access to topo maps. It includes GPS, topo maps, trail journal, etc.

Contact Reba Nance at reban@cobar.org if you have questions.


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