Solo Tip Tuesday: See Real-Time Traffic Conditions with Google

by Sara Crocker on January 17, 2012

Google is a great way to find information, but it can do much more than just search for websites. Time is money, and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting caught in the middle of a traffic jam on the highway, especially if you’ve got to get to court or meet a client. Google Traffic allows you to view traffic conditions for free in real time. Since more and more of us have smart phones, you can easily check the traffic conditions before you head out. Here’s how:

Go to maps.google.com.

In the upper right-hand of your screen, click on Traffic. A map will be displayed and you can click on the major city you want to check. You can zoom in by using the scroll button on your mouse, or using the zoom tool. The more you scroll in, the more detail you will see.

Streets that are red indicate speeds of less than 25 miles per hour, yellow streets show speeds of 25-50 mph, and green means traffic is moving at more than 50 mph. Red circles show problems. Click on one and you will see what the problem is – an object in the road, a lane closure, a road closure – and exactly where the problem is.

Check out this eHow video for more information on using this feature.

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