Solo Tip Tuesday: Mac Users, There is Law Office Software for You

by Reba Nance on May 14, 2013

Tired of being told there is no law office software for your Macintosh computer? There are actually quite a few excellent software tools designed specifically for Mac users, and a great website dedicated to providing basic information on this subject. For helpful advice and a laundry list of law office software applications that run on the Mac, including law office management, time and billing, and practice-specific applications, visit www.macattorney.com. You can also get the MacAttorney Newsletter FREE and be kept informed about the very latest law office software.

You can see this tip and others, on topics ranging from Outlook and Word help to App reviews and online tools, all here.

Longtime readers of the Colorado Bar Association’s C-Brief, its weekly eNewsletter, know each week there is a tip from Law Practice Management Director Reba Nance. Those tips are moving beyond the newsletter and now have a permanent home within the Practice Management section of CBA’s website. We’ll share some of the best tips each week here as Solo Tip Tuesday.

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