Solo Tip Tuesday: Let Adobe Acrobat Read Your Document Aloud

by Reba Nance on April 2, 2013

If you have Adobe Acrobat, take advantage of the “read out loud” feature to have your computer read your document aloud. This is a great tool for proofreading or listening to your document for readability. You need to have your computer connected to speakers and the volume turned up. Or try it without speakers if your hearing is better than mine! Here’s how:

  • Open your PDF document
  • Select View (located on the top toolbar) and then Read Out Loud (at the bottom of the list of choices). You may need to select Activate Read Out Loud first.
  • Choose Read This Page Only or Read to End of Document.
  • To pause or stop, go back to the toolbar; select View, Read Out Loud and then Pause or Stop.

Personalize this feature by setting your preferences for volume, voice, speech attributes, and reading order:

  • In the toolbar, select Edit, Preferences, and then Reading (on the left-hand side). Now make your selections.

Note: This works with the full version of Acrobat and the free version of Reader.

You can see this tip and others, on topics ranging from Outlook and Word help to App reviews and online tools, all here.

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Jason Astle April 2, 2013 at 9:34 am

My first response to the title was, hmmm, nifty but not really something I need. Then I got to the second sentence: “This is a great tool for proofreading or listening to your document for readability.” Brilliant! As a student of writing, this is one of the most important steps in proofing your own work (a skill a lot of people find challenging). Thanks for sharing.

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