Solo Tip Tuesday: Find Out How Much Space is Left on Your Device

by Sara Crocker on February 7, 2012

The good news is devices have much more storage than ever. The bad news is you need more storage. Here’s how to figure out how much storage capacity there is, and how much you have left.

On an iPhone:
Choose Settings, then General, then About.
Now you can see how many songs, videos, apps, and photos you have. It will tell you the capacity of your phone, as well as how much space is still available. Now you know if there’s room for that new app!

On an Android phone:
Choose Settings, then Storage (it might be called SD Card & Phone Storage).
You’ll see the amount of space remaining on your microSD card (if you have one) and internal (or program) storage.

On your PC:
Click on the Start button (lower left-hand corner of your screen) Click on Computer.
You will see a list of your various drives, with a bar underneath each showing the amount of space you have free and how much total space there is. The bar makes it easy to see whether you’re running out of storage. Usually the bar is red if you’re getting very low.

On a Flash (Thumb) Drive:
Plug your flash drive into your computer. Wait a moment for your computer to recognize it. Follow the same steps as those for a PC, except look for Devices with Removable Storage. Thumb drives generally have much less storage than a hard drive. This makes it very important for you to know if there’s enough space available before you try to copy a document onto a thumb drive.

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