Solo Tip Tuesday: Down for Everyone or Just Me?

by Reba Nance on July 24, 2012

You’re on the Internet, but you can’t get a website to pull up. It could be that the website is down, or it could be something on your end. Perhaps your Internet connection is down or is being slow, or maybe there’s a problem with your computer. You could have too many Internet temporary files, causing your connection to slow down. It’s possible that your processor is slow. There are a number of issues that could cause issues when loading a site.

The next time you’re having trouble getting to a website, check out downforeveryoneorjustme.com. The sole purpose of this site is to check if the website you’re trying to access is actually down for everyone. Once there, you can enter the URL of the site you’re trying to access, and then either click on “or just me?” or hit Enter on your keyboard. The site comes back with a screen that tells us whether the site itself is down or whether it’s just you.

You can see this tip and others, on topics ranging from Outlook and Word help to App reviews and online tools, all here.

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