Solo Tip Tuesday: Create Polls in Outlook Email Messages and Review the Results

by Reba Nance on December 18, 2012

The next time you need to email a group of people asking whether they prefer Monday, Tuesday, or Friday for a meeting, or whether they want to be on a publication routing list, try using the voting buttons feature.

Set up Outlook to Process Voting Responses

  • Open Outlook
  • On the Tools menu, select Options
  • Select Email Options, then Tracking Options
  • Select Process Requests and Responses on Arrival to automatically record responses in the original item (your original email)

Create the Email Message

  • Select Options, and within the Tracking area, select on Use Voting Buttons
  • Choose from the options below:
    Approve/Reject is great if you want authorization for something, such as a course of action
    Yes/No allows for a quick poll
    Yes/No/Maybe allows a neutral response
    Custom allows you to create customized responses (such as Monday, Tuesday, or Friday options

    • If you choose Custom, Message Options popup window will pop up
    • Click on the Use voting buttons box. Delete the default button names in the box and enter your customized responses, separated by semicolons (no spaces)
  • Compose the message and hit Send

Review the Voting Responses

  • Open the original message with voting buttons that you sent. This is usually located in the Sent Items folder.
  • Select the Message tab, and then select Tracking, located within the Show group.
    Note: Tracking does not appear until at least one recipient of the email message has replied with his or her vote.
  • You will see a list of everyone who has responded, the date and time they responded, and their votes.

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