Solo Tip Tuesday: Battery Booster Extends Your Smartphone Battery Life

by Reba Nance on March 5, 2013

Over time, smartphone batteries don’t last as long on a full charge. Add to that the fact we often forget to plug in our phones to charge. Considering how often we rely on our phones, this can be a problem.

I was recently on a trip with a girlfriend whose son was taking his family to Disneyland. He was walking out the door when he noticed his phone was only 50 percent charged. Based on his battery life, he knew his phone would last only a few hours before dying. The solution? My friend loaned her son her Boost Case. Basically, a battery boost case acts as a protective case for your phone while it serves as a back-up battery! When you put your phone in a boost case, the phone pulls power from the case first before using its own power. This means your phone will last longer before your battery dies. By using the Boost Case, her son stayed in the park all day and his phone still had 50 percent battery power left, despite not charging it!

There are many manufacturers and models on the market. Search battery boost case online and you’ll find links to reviews, models, features, and plenty of other relevant information. Before you purchase a boost case, make sure it is compatible with your phone’ specific make and model.

Some market leaders are:
Boost Case at www.boostcase.com
Mophie at www.mophie.com
Seidio at www.seidio.com
Hyperion – through Amazon.com

At a cost of between $30 and $80, you don’t need to worry about a dead battery again!

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