Create a Practice Areas Web Page, Keeping Ethics Rules in Mind

by Barb Cashman on February 1, 2012

Building on the trust and expertise groundwork you have capably demonstrated in a non-egotistical way in your attorney bio, you can go into more detail here to highlight your expertise, demonstrate trustworthiness, and show you can meet a potential client’s legal needs. Remember that good relationships are based on good provision of legal services, and that every client is unique – does this come across in your practice description?

Keep in mind who your ideal clients are and the clients who you are trying to attract.  If yours is a business-to-business field of practice, try to think in terms of the particular industry you are targeting and tailor it to that.  If you’re more business-to-consumer focused, you may want to stress results, outcomes, and more concrete ways that you can provide benefit to the consumer. You may also want to have more links to content. Maybe you already did this in your home page in order to offer more information to potential clients, or PCs, and also to keep your site “freshened up” (remember this is the big reason we are doing this project using WordPress).

Pay attention to those important ethics rules when you are describing your practice areas and any results you may want to highlight:

  • Rule 7.1 prohibits you from promising specific results or calling yourself “the best.”
  • Rules 7.1 and 7.2 also explain rules and prohibitions regarding fee-sharing, referrals, and the like.
  • Rules 7.3.and 7.4 require disclosures on most marketing (read advertising) materials and prohibit attorneys from describing themselves as “certified” or as a “specialist” in a particular field of law practice.

Be sure to adequately and appropriately describe your practice – this is key to allow PCs to find you.  Think of the Colorado Legal Directory, the Colorado Bar Association’s Find-A-Lawyer Directory, and related “databases.”  Make sure you are listed in commonly identified fields of practice that are found with search engines that your PC would use.

Below, Matt Willson walks viewers through how to add a practice areas page to your WordPress website.

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