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by Alexa Drago on May 29, 2018

We know you are busy! So we read through numerous blog posts and find the best ones to share with you each month.

Please let us know if you feel we are missing a particularly good.

Quick Tips

Attorney Identity Theft (Podcast)
Identity theft doesn’t just apply to stolen credit cards or social security numbers. For attorneys, scammers can steal names and even bar numbers in order to trick consumers. Listen.
How to Make Sure Your Disappearing Signal Messages Actually Disappear
When it comes to messaging apps, Signal is one of the most secure options around, but it turns out the service actually has a pretty big vulnerability if you’re using it on a Mac. Read More.
Casemaker Tips and Tricks
Each month the CBA’s Solo in Colo blog provides a few tips and tricks to increase your Casemaker research efficiency. Read more.

Product Reviews

Huawie P20 Pro: One of the Best Smartphones of 2018
Huawei P20 Pro is the best smartphone made by Huawei, and it competes for the title of the “best smartphone of the year” alongside big names like Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the iPhone X. It runs on the latest mobile hardware available, it looks great, and it comes with a three-camera system, powered by Leica optics. Read more.
Should Law Firms Upgrade to Office 365?
For many law firms out there, upgrading software is about as important as ergonomic assessments for summer interns. Sure, your old copy of Microsoft Office has served you well in the past, and it could probably continue to work for longer than you. Read more.
Outlook Will Soon Let You Send and Pay Bills
A new update to Outlook will soon allow users to both send and pay bills directly in their email. For lawyers and law firms, this could prove rather helpful as spending less time paying bills, and making it easier for clients to pay your bills, is always welcome. Read more.


Bitlocker Drive Encryption — read this!
With many new Windows 10 Pro laptops, the built-in Bitlocker drive encryption is turned on by default. You may not even be aware of this, but it can bite you in the butt if your computer needs service and you don’t know the decryption key. Please follow these steps to determine if you have Bitlocker turned on, and if so, how to obtain the decryption key so you can write it down and save it for possible future use. Read more.
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is the backbone of most law firms’ technology infrastructure. If you take the time to learn how to get the most out of the core Office apps—Word, Outlook, and Excel—they are extremely powerful and can help you advocate effectively for your clients. Or they can get in your way. Read more.
What is a PDF? (And What ISN’T It?)
Throughout my career in the legal industry, I’ve spoken with people who have the impression that PDF documents are “secure.” When I ask them what they think this means, I often hear they believe it is difficult to change the document. Sadly, this isn’t true. Worse: When attorneys believe this common myth, they can put sensitive client data at risk. Read more.


5 Common SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making with Your Blog
As a continual source of fresh content, blogging is a great way to boost your SEO while helping you build authority in your practice area. However, to optimize the SEO performance of your law firm blog, you need to be sure you’re not committing one of these five common mistakes. Read more.
Legal Marketing Technology: What’s In Your Martech Stack?
As marketing and technology both evolve and become more entwined, new terms are coined to describe methods, systems, and concepts. One such term that you may have heard lately is “martech stack.” Read more.
Elements of Top Converting Landing Pages
Landing pages are critical when it comes to converting visitors to your website, blog, social media post or e-newsletter into qualified leads. So if your law firm marketing is directing traffic to the home page of your website instead of a dedicated landing page, you are missing a big opportunity to capture more leads. Read more.


Mission Complete! Five Ways to Know When You’re Done With What You’re Doing
“Almost done…” How many times have you said this in the past week? Is there an email you need to add a line or two to? Do you have a few slides that need updating in that presentation you’re giving? How about at home…a room or desk that is “almost” finished? In this article, I’m going to give you permission to say, “I’m done!” a little more. Read More.
How to Get the April 2018 Update Today with the Window 10 Update Assistant
Microsoft begins distributing the April 2018 Update for Windows 10 on May 8th, 2018, through Windows Update. Not all systems will receive it at once, and the update will be rolled out gradually, with newer computers and devices being prioritized over older ones. If you do not have the patience to wait until Microsoft sends you the update, you can use the Windows 10 Update Assistant, also known as the Windows 10 Upgrader, to get the April 2018 Update right now. Read more.
How to Delay the Windows 10 April 2018 Update in 3 Steps
Do you want to stop Windows 10 April 2018 Update from installing, when it arrives on May 8th, 2018, through Windows Update? If you have Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education or Windows 10 Enterprise installed, you can postpone the upgrade for at least four months or until September 2018. Read more.



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