Mac Resources for Lawyers

by Reba Nance on September 16, 2015


If you’re using a Mac in your law practice, you’re not alone. It wasn’t that long ago I could count on two hands the number of lawyers I knew who were using Macs. But that has changed drastically. According to a survey by Clio in 2013, that number has topped 60% for the first time in their survey history. The survey showed 60% have been using Macs in their law offices for two years or less, and nearly half of the respondents stated they had been using Macs for three years or more. Why are they using Macs? Predictably, users say the number one reason is Macs are more reliable and secure.

If you’re using a Mac (or considering switching) here are some resources that will make your life easier:

Check out these resources for information on blogs by Mac-using lawyers, tips for switching from PCs to Macs, software for Macs, and more! A Google search for “using macs in law practice” resulted in 3,540,000 hits which means it’s easier than ever to “make the switch.”

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