Should Your Law Firm Send an eNewsletter?

by Melanie Fischer on June 1, 2017

ipadConsistently and creatively marketing your law firm to current and prospective clients is important. Producing and sending an eNewsletter is great way to communicate information to clients, share news, and keep your name in the spotlight. Sending an eNewsletter can be an excellent marketing tactic that will entice individuals to call you for legal assistance.

If you’ve thought about creating and sending an eNewsletter, there are a few things to keep in mind. Following are some tips and guidance if you are looking for a great way to keep in touch with colleagues, current and prospective clients, and anyone who happens to be on your eNewsletter distribution list:

  • Commit to sending your eNewsletter on a regular basis. If you are planning to refer to your eNewsletter as a monthly newsletter, make sure to send it every month – and try to send it on a consistent schedule. For example, send your eNewsletter on the first Friday of each month. This way, recipients will know when to expect it – and they will look forward to receiving it.
  • Fill your eNewsletter with interesting and pertinent information. Increase the chance your eNewsletter will be read by including a good mix of information. You might want to feature links to recent news articles, add information about new or common services you offer, and include an article or two that pertains to a topic that your readers will find interesting and useful.
  • Remember to write to your audience. If most people who receive your eNewsletter do not work in the legal industry, it’s important to stick with language that is understandable to non-lawyers. If your audience thinks the content is too complicated or uninteresting, the eNewsletter may be deleted before it is even read.
  • Include images, charts, and graphics. Most people do not enjoy reading large blocks of text. Make sure to break up paragraphs by adding a relevant image or graphic, and use images that directly correspond to the topic of your article.
  • Encourage readers to forward your eNewsletter to people who might be interested in reading it. Make sure it’s easy for subscribers to send your newsletter to their friends and colleagues. Also make it simple for non-subscribers to add their names/e-mail addresses to your eNewsletter distribution list. It’s important to continuously extend your reach.
  • Ask your readers for feedback. If you’re wondering what readers enjoy most about your eNewsletter, simply ask! Request that your readers send you their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. If you see a common trend with their requests or recommendations, you can assume that a majority of your readers feel the same way.
  • Don’t avoid an eNewsletter because putting it together is time-consuming. Plenty of digital marketing agencies can help compile and send an eNewsletter for your firm. If your marketing budget allows money for this endeavor, look for an agency with experience marketing for small law firms.

A great aspect of including an eNewsletter in your marketing mix is that email marketing software makes it easy to compile and format your content, add email addresses to your distribution list, and keep track of how many people open the eNewsletter and click on each article.

While it’s usually advisable to keep an eNewsletter relatively short, you can change the length from one month to the next – depending on what you would like to include at different times of the year. An eNewsletter is a versatile tool that keeps you in touch with clients – and reminds them that you are available to help them with legal services as soon as they require your assistance.




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