July’s Best of the Blogs

by Alexa Drago on July 19, 2018

We know you are busy! So we read through numerous blog posts and find the best ones to share with you each month.

Please let us know if you feel we are missing a particularly good.

Quick Tips

10 Things You Don’t need to Buy
Buying something makes my brain feel like I’m doing something. Does that happen to you? Read more.
7 Alexa Commands You’re Not Using But Should
With Alexa and the the Echo, Amazon has built a robust service that can deliver seemingly endless information and control your home. But, are you taking advantage of all it can do? Read more.
Casemaker Tips and Tricks
Each month the CBA’s Solo in Colo blog provides a few tips and tricks to increase your Casemaker research efficiency. Read more.

Product Reviews

NetDocuments — Best Tips in Review
Loving NetDocuments, but want to do more? Ready to take your NetDocs to the next level? Considering a move to a document management system like NetDocuments? Read more.
Sony WH-1000XM@ Review: The Premium Mobile Audio Experience
Sony WH-1000XM2 is a popular wireless headset with adaptive noise canceling, and many interesting features like touch controls, quick charging, and high-quality sound. We love the way they look, and we are impressed by their hardware specifications, so we decided to test them for two weeks. If you want to know what kind of user experience they have to offer, read our review for Sony WH-1000XM2. Read more.
ASUS Lyra Trio Review: The Beautiful Whole-Home Mesh WiFi System
ASUS Lyra Trio is the latest whole-home mesh WiFi system from ASUS. It is a beautiful kit, with modern hardware and security features that do not expire after some time. If you want to get high-quality WiFi in large apartments or homes, ASUS Lyra Trio may have piqued your interest. If you want to see whether it is a good fit for you, read our detailed review. Read more.


The 1 Styles Setting You Should Avoid
Thanks to you, I’ve been trying to work with Word Styles. I’ve been building my own for my style of writing and formatting, but I’ve encountered an irritating problem. If I do any direct formatting within a style-say italicize some of the paragraph, or, for one part, indent or don’t indent, when the style calls for the other-it changes the style itself. What am I doing wrong? Read more.
Technology Shouldn’t be a Legal Writer’s Trigger Word
To many of us legal folks, a trigger-word. Maybe you’re flooded with memories of that time you were typing away, 50 pages into a brief, and your laptop crashed. Or the time you spent an evening trying to excise weird formatting that was embedded so deep in your document, you gave up and started copying and pasting things into a new version. Read more.
Public Wi-Fi — Should Lawyers Just Say No?
Public Wi-Fi networks are practically ubiquitous. They’re in airports, hotels, office buildings, coffee shops, restaurants, malls and many other locations. While accessing one can be convenient when all you want to do is buy a new digital book on your smartphone, check your e-mail on your laptop, or rebook a flight on your tablet, there are associated risks that should never be minimized, or heaven forbid, completely dismissed. Such risks run the gamut from simple eavesdropping to allowing someone to defeat whatever two-factor authentication you had in place with the site you just logged into. Read more.


Tips for Taking Your Law Firm’s Client Service to the Next Level
In the last few years, marketing has changed significantly. One of the most significant differences is that most industries are now focusing on transforming the client experience. In the legal industry, however, very little has changed. Below, we explore a few simple ways you can enhance the experience of your clients while distinguishing your law firm from the competition. Read more.
How Law Firms Can Use Facebook’s Creative Hub to Build Great Facebook Ads
If you are wondering whether it is worth the time for your law firm to invest in Facebook ads, consider this: Daily users spend approximately 41 minutes each day on the social media platform. Clearly, Facebook is still extremely relevant. While all social media platforms offer varying benefits for advertising, Facebook is a smart choice for law firms who wish to directly reach consumers and target specific demographics. Paid social for law firms is a veritable treasure trove of leads, and if you’re not tapping into it you are likely missing out on an immense opportunity. Read more.
Clean Up Your Content for SEO Best Practices
Cleaning up your current content can boost SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ratings, increase the value of your other pages, make your site load faster, and declutter for a better user experience. Read more.


Suicide Prevention Apps: Kind Of
In the past few weeks two beloved celebrities chose to end their lives. They seemed to have it all: wealth, fame, wonderful families. Why in the world would they have wanted to end their lives? And, more importantly, why didn’t anyone KNOW? Why didn’t anyone HELP? Read More.
How to Use Microsoft Edge to Pin Web Pages to the Start Menu of the Taskbar
In this day and age, people rely heavily on the internet to get things done. That means that many of us need and want shortcuts to our favorite websites. Besides bookmarks, another handy way of keeping the web pages that we visit most often as close as possible is to pin them to the Start Menu or the taskbar. If you use Microsoft Edge and you want to learn how to pin web pages using this browser. Read more.
Office 365 Tips of the Month for July 2018
One of the great values in legal technology is Microsoft’s subscription-based Office 365 office suite. Outlook is perhaps the most-used application in Office 365. For July, we bring you two Outlook tips for the price of one, plus a Word bonus tip! Read more.

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