January’s Best of the Blogs

by Alexa Drago on January 30, 2018

We know you are busy! So we read through numerous blog posts and find the best ones to share with you each month.

Please let us know if you feel we are missing a particularly good.

Quick Tips

Add Bookmarks to Make Your PDF Easier to Navigate
Anyone who has used a PDF reader extensively knows how difficult it can be to navigate a document that is hundreds or thousands of pages long. Bookmarking to the rescue! Read more.
All About Chatbots, More or Less?
Happy 2018! This first post of the year is a fun one and is perhaps overdue, since chatbots really came into their own many months ago. Read more.
Casemaker Tips and Tricks
Each month the CBA’s Solo in Colo blog provides a few tips and tricks to increase your Casemaker research efficiency. Read more.

Product Reviews

Galaxy S9 is Getting a New Feature You’re Going to Want in an Emergency
Listening to local radio stations in North America is about to become a lot easier as long as you buy the Galaxy S9. NextRadio announced a special partnership with Samsung that will enable the FM chips on its future phones released in the United States and Canada. Read more.
Let the Haters Do Their Hating: Google’s Pixel 2 XL is Excellent
There’s only one true way to describe the Pixel 2 XL: polarizing. Since the phone’s launch a few months ago, critics and consumers have engaged in endless debate over whether or not it’s a competitive flagship. Read more.
Face ID Tip for Non-Recognition
I’m a big fan of Face ID on the iPhone X. It is a big improvement over the Touch ID fingerprint identification system on other iPhone models because, when it works, it provides security without any inconvenience at all. You are looking at your iPhone anyway when you pick it up to use it, and then Face ID unlocks the phone, almost as if you didn’t even have a passcode at all. Read more.


How To Use Metadata in PDF Files
Your PDF documents are only as good as your users’ ability to find them so they can make use of the information within them. That’s where metadata can help. Read more.
How To Create Court-Usable PDFs
Electronic filing is now standard practice in most courtrooms across the U.S. Paper documents could be eliminated altogether in just a few more years. What exactly, though, are the key components of a court-friendly PDF document? Read more.
What to Do When New Office Tech Doesn’t Fit Old Tech
So you got a flashy new device over the holidays only to find out that it is so new that none of your other tech can actually work with it. Read more.


Lawyer Ratings & Directories
Lawyer ratings and lawyer directories are everywhere. Some are free, some list lawyers and firms automatically, some feature lawyer reviews, and some charge fees, either for inclusion or for featuring your profile more prominently. Read more.
Resolve to Convert More Leads into Appointments in 2018
This year instead of making a resolution to lose that last 10 pounds that keeps hanging on (or coming back), why not resolve to do something to fatten your wallet? Read more.
20 Calls a Day
I listened to a podcast featuring a sales trainer for a very successful real estate broker. He said his brokers are asked (required?) to make 20 calls a day. They can do more, but 20 calls are the minimum expected of them. Read more.


How To Create Tables of Authority with Ease-Podcast
For this episode of New Solo, host Adriana Linares is joined by Legal Office Guru Deborah Savadra. Deborah explains how to create tables of authority in Microsoft Word and to overcome the intimidation factor that can come from using Word’s table of authority tool. Listen to podcast.
How to Manage Technology Change in a Law Firm
As a business consultant to solo and small firm lawyers for the past decade, Jared Correia has helped lawyers deal with many law practice … issues. In his column, “Law Practice Confidential,” he will be answering real questions from real lawyers. To send Jared an anonymous question, use the form at the bottom of this post. Read more.
A Case Study in an Email Hack: Please Watch
We all receive spam, and occasionally we see and skip a suspicious email, but what if it comes from a trusted colleague? Read more.





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