Finding and Adding Images to Your Website

by Sara Crocker on January 18, 2012

Now that you’re working on building your firm’s website, where do you find all those images to jazz it up? In this latest installment of Barb Cashman and Matt Willson‘s WordPress Website Project, we’ll delve into how to find images you can use for your website.

The Internet offers a bounty of images and illustrations, but it also raises questions about copyright. However, there are images online that can be used legally; it just takes a little research. There are a number of stock photo and illustration sites online, but we’re focused on those on a budget.

Because of that, creative commons-licensed art is a great resource. Creative Commons offers a number of licensing options that make it easier to share creative works online. It’s important to understand what those licenses are and what you, as a potential user of a creative commons photo, need to know. You can find more information here.

BudgetStockPhoto.com gives a good overview of sources for images with creative commons licensing (as does social media marketing expert Don Crowther, including a how-t0 video).

Here’s an example of a photo found through a creative commons search:

photo by bradley_newman on Flickr

When you find a creative commons photo, there are generally guidelines for what you need to do to ensure you meet the rules of the copyright. In this case, it means attributing the photographer.

Before you start hunting, you’ll want to watch Matt’s latest screencast, which explains how to add a header image on your website.

Let us know where you find images for your website or blog in the comments below.

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