Solo Tip Tuesday: Double-Click to Start Typing Anywhere on a Word Doc

by Reba Nance on June 12, 2012

Microsoft Word has a very cool feature you may not know about. You can type anywhere in a document by simply moving your cursor to that exact place, double-clicking, and then typing. You don’t need to press <Enter> to skip lines, you don’t need to press <Tab> to move over, nor do you need to type and highlight the text in order to center or right-justify it.

Try this—open a blank Word document. Put you cursor in the middle of the page near the center, double-click, and start typing. Magically, your text will appear exactly where you put the cursor, plus it will center the text! Try the same thing by putting your cursor near the right-hand side of the page, double-click, and start typing. This time, the text will be right-justified. Put your cursor anywhere on a page (other than in the center or right-hand side), double-click, and the text will be aligned on the left.

As you can see, this allows you type exactly where you want text to appear without having to use any other keys to get there!

You can see this tip and others, on topics ranging from Outlook and Word help to App reviews and online tools, all here.

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