CBA has launched a new online attorney directory!

by Alexa Drago on December 19, 2018

COBAR has updated its online attorney directory, formerly known as Find A Lawyer, to LicensedLawyer with upgraded search technology to further enhance the ability to connect members with prospective clients.


Similar to Find A Lawyer, which consistently ranked as one of the most visited sections of the COBAR website, Licensed Lawyer allows prospective clients to search for and connect with local attorneys, but the new site has more robust search technology, added categories and criteria, the ability to link social profiles, and is mobile friendly.


When users select the Guided Search feature, Licensed Lawyer prompts them with specific questions related to their legal needs, and enhanced search criteria, such as payment options and firm size. This ability for the user to get specific with their legal needs will better match them to attorneys who can best serve them, reducing mismatched connections and wasted effort for both users who are seeking representation and attorneys who have to field calls that aren’t relevant to their practice. Users can contact attorneys directly from their profile by sending an email, following a link to the practice’s website or calling them directly.


Attorneys will also be able to easily get an Activity Report on their profile dashboard from the past 30 days to see how many times their name comes up in full, geographical and practices searches, as well as how many times their profile has been viewed.


All attorneys’ Find A Lawyer profile were migrated to the new Licensed Lawyer website, but all members are asked to update their profiles for the best results. Updating bio and contact information, adding practice categories, and completing new fields will improve attorneys’ compatibility and visibility on executed searches.



Licensed Lawyer is available to all Colorado and Denver Bar Association members as part of their member benefits.


  1. Go to the CBA website and click on LICENSED LAWYER on the left-hand side in the blue bar
  2. Log in with your CBA username and password


Contact membership@cobar.org with any questions!

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