Casemaker Weekly – March 27th, 2019

by Alexa Drago on March 27, 2019

Have you wondered how to search for just part of a word? Want to know our support hours? Need to change the size of the font on the screen? We cover that this week.  Let’s get started!

Using the asterisk * or suffix search

Using the asterisk tells the Casemaker system to find documents which have the characters before the asterisk but any ending. So drill* will pull up documents with driller, drilling, drilled and so on.

Casemaker Support

Casemaker is available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST by phone at 877.659.0801, email at support@casemakerlegal.com and by clicking the Live Chat link in the upper right corner of Casemaker. You can also click the Webinar link in Casemaker to register for live training sessions or you can click on the Videos link to watch training videos at any time.

Changing the Size on the Screen in Casemaker

When you are looking at a document in Casemaker you have the ability to increase the font with just one click. In the toolbar above the content of the document is a button with both a large and a small letter A (Aa). The first click on this will make the text size significantly larger, and with a second click, it returns to standard size.

You can zoom in or out on your Windows computer by holding down the CRTL key and hitting the + key (for larger) or the – key (for smaller). On a Mac computer, your key combination would be COMMAND and the + key (for larger) and COMMAND and the – key (for smaller). Those key combinations also work on other websites as well!

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