Casemaker Weekly – April 24th, 2019

by Alexa Drago on April 24, 2019

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday last week. This week we are going to discuss ways to narrow by a circuit, using pincites and hierarchy searching.  Let’s get started!
Hierarchy Search
Casemaker now simplifies searching by limiting your search to the level of hierarchy you are on. If you browse to chapter 5 in your state statute and type a search in the search bar – you will only get results from within chapter 5.

Using a Pincite
Have a pincite? No worries, Casemaker knows what to do. Enter the pincite in the search bar and Casemaker will pull up the case that particular page is located in. Simple and easy!

Narrow by Circuit
While the Jurisdiction menu will aid you to narrow your search to Circuit court cases, it will not allow you to narrow to a specific circuit. However, that option is still available! Once you perform your search, click to view all the case results. You can also click on the Cases link on the left. Either option will pull up your results list and a menu on the left side. This left side menu gives you the option to narrow your results by a variety of different ways. For example, you could use the Jurisdiction option to narrow to check the box for Circuit. Note you may have to click a link at the bottom of the category to get all your options. Next, you can narrow to the United States Court of Appeals you wish by checking off the appropriate box. Now your results should be narrowed to the Circuit court you prefer.

That is all for this week! We will back with more tips and tricks next week. Thanks again for making Casemaker a Valued Member Benefit.

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