Carlos Migoya & His Charitable Beard: How One Lawyer is Raising Money for Weecycle

by Alexa Drago on November 1, 2013

Carlos Migoya Vimeo from Colorado Bar Association on Vimeo.

After graduating from the University of Denver (DU) Sturm College of Law in 2004, Carlos Migoya started his own practice from his best friend’s basement.

That bold endeavor has since proven to be a great choice – The Migoya Law Firm LLC is a successful solo firm specializing in criminal defense work. Migoya is clearly passionate about his work, explaining: “I get to fight the constitution every day.”

He is also actively involved in the legal community. Along with being a part of the CBA Modest Means Task Force, Migoya is the Immediate Past Chair of the CBA YLD. In his free time, Migoya is an avid duck hunter who loves the outdoors, his two dogs, beers, cigars… and testing the limits of his facial hair growth.

That’s right – Migoya has pledged to step away from the razor and grow out his beard until he raises $10,000 for charity.

“I’ve always been able to grow hair like a chia pet,” Migoya says. “And I wanted to help our local community, so I instantly connected that with Weecycle.”

Weecycle is an organization that provides new and gently used baby gear to low income families in the Denver metro area. It was founded by Jayme Ritchie and Sunny Heydorn, two attorneys who had previously worked together at a downtown firm and were pregnant at the same time. They wanted to make the most out of their time on bed rest – and thus, the successful Weecycle concept was born.

Migoya knows Ritchie and Heydorn, and wanted to contribute to their inspiring organization. He began his bearded journey in February 2013, with the idea that he wouldn’t shave until he raised the $10,000. He figured it would be easy – a quick couple of months away from the razor for a good cause.

Eight months later, it’s still there. Nearly $6,000 has been donated so far: 60% of his goal. Migoya needs your help – if for no other reason than to save his professional face.

“Judges give me funny looks,” Migoya says. “People can’t believe they seriously let me into court.”

And if you’re still not convinced that you should help Migoya “Shear the Beard” by contributing to his Weecyle campaign, donate for no other reason than to impact his love life: “Let’s just say that it’s not the easiest style to pull off for a single guy,” Migoya laughs.

Donate on his Colorado Gives site here.

Visit Weecycle.org to learn more about donating baby gear and funds or hosting a diaper drive.

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